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Reasons Why The Angel Juicer 5500 Is The Best Juicer On The Market

Are you looking for a top-of-the-line juicer? Look no further than the Angel Juicer 5500. This commercial-grade juicer has all the necessary features to make delicious and nutritious juices. From its high-powered motor to stainless steel construction, this juicer will satisfy even the pickiest of juice lovers. There are several reasons why the Angel-Juicer 5500 is the best juicer on the market.

Easy To Use

The Angel-Juicer 5500 is designed to be easy to use. It’s simple to assemble and operate, with a very intuitive design. The controls are straightforward and clearly labelled. The juicer also has a detailed user guide to help you get the most out of your juicer. There’s no need to worry about complicated setup or figuring out complex settings – the Angel-Juicer 5500 is designed to get you up and running quickly. The wide feed chute also makes it easy to fit in almost any size fruit or vegetable, so you don’t have to spend time cutting up ingredients before you start juicing. In short, the Angel-Juicer 5500 makes juicing more accessible than ever!

Easy To Clean

One of the best features of the Angel-Juicer 5500 is that it is straightforward to clean. The juicer comes with a cleaning brush and a spatula, making it easy to get into all the nooks and crannies of the juicer. With just a few wipes, you can have the entire juicer cleaned and ready for your next juicing session. Furthermore, the parts that come into contact with food are made from stainless steel so that they won’t corrode or rust over time. This ensures that your juicer is always clean and safe for use. Its unique design also allows for easy disassembly – meaning that even if you give it a thorough clean, it only takes minutes. And because the parts are dishwasher-safe, you don’t need to worry about scrubbing them by hand.Angel Juicer 5500

Moreover, since this juicer runs at a low speed (only 80 RPM), there’s no risk of heat build-up that could potentially damage delicate nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables. This means you’ll get the most out of each batch of juice every time! Additionally, unlike other models, the Angel-Juicer 5500 doesn’t generate excess noise and vibration during operation, making it perfect for those who want to make juice without disturbing the peace in their homes. Finally, this model is highly durable and designed to last for many years – giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a quality appliance. Overall, the Angel-Juicer 5500 is among the best juicers available today!

It’s Quiet

When looking for a juicer, noise levels are an essential consideration. You don’t want a loud and intrusive appliance to disturb your peace. The Angel-Juicer 5500 has one of the quietest motors on the market. Its low sound output won’t bother you while you work or while you rest. The motor operates at only 60 decibels, making it one of the most silent juicers available. It’s powerful yet surprisingly quiet, allowing you to enjoy the fresh juice without disturbing anyone in the house. Plus, it offers different speed settings to select the best speed depending on what type of product you’re using.

Angel 5500 Comes With A Lot Of Accessories.

The Angel 5500 has everything you need to start your juicing journey. It comes with the base unit and includes a range of accessories to help you get the most out of your juicing experience.

The package includes two pushers – a longer one for whole fruits and vegetables and a shorter one for harder vegetables such as carrots and beets. Its also comes with a sieve and brush, a plunger, extra gear, an adapter, and a set of keys.

These accessories can help make your juicing experience easier and more efficient. The sieve and brush make cleaning easy after every use, while the plunger lets you push down on fruits and vegetables to help get more juice out. The adapter allows you to connect this to any compatible device, while the keys help you remove the parts for cleaning or replacement.

The Angel-Juicer 5500 stands out regarding its range of accessories. Not only does it come with all of the basics, but it also comes with extras that can help make your juicing experience easier and more enjoyable. With this kind of comprehensive package, the Angel-5500 is sure to make your juicing journey more accessible than ever before!


The Angel-Juicer 5500 is one of the most versatile juicers on the market. It can handle almost any fruit and vegetable, from soft fruits like strawberries to hard vegetables like carrots. It can also make nut butter, grind coffee, pasta and other grains, and baby food. This versatility makes the Angel-Juicer 5500 an excellent investment for people looking to maximise their juicing experience. Plus, it’s much easier to clean up after using the Angel-Juicer 5500 than with other types of juicers. Instead of having multiple parts that need to be washed separately, you must remove the strainer basket and rinse it off. You don’t even need to disassemble the juicer! Additionally, the strainer basket has two different settings – coarse and fine – so you have complete control over how fine or coarse your juice will be.

Large Feed Chute

One of the best features of the Angel-Juicer 5500 is its large feed chute. This helps to reduce preparation time and means that you can fit whole fruits and vegetables into it. The extra-large feed chute is excellent for larger pieces of produce like apples or carrots, making it easy to juice large amounts of produce in one go. You can even put a whole apple in the feed chute and get delicious juice without cutting it up first. The Angel 5500 also features an adjustable feed chute, allowing you to increase or decrease the feed chute size depending on the type of product you are juicing. This makes it more versatile and easier to use.

On top of that, the Angel-Juicer 5500 has two different speeds for optimum extraction. Its low-speed setting is designed for softer produce such as cucumbers or oranges, and its high-speed location is designed to extract juices from more complex fruits and vegetables such as beets or ginger root. This ensures maximum extraction efficiency while preserving essential enzymes and vitamins in raw foods. Another feature of the Angel-juicer 5500 is its auto shut-off feature which prevents motor burnout if the machine is overloaded. Additionally, this model offers multiple safety functions, such as reverse rotation technology, which prevents clogging and jamming. Lastly, all parts of this juicer are BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting potentially harmful chemicals. These features make this machine one of the market’s most powerful, efficient, and safest juicers.

It Has A 10-Year Warranty

When looking for the best-juicer on the market, it’s essential to consider how long the product will last. The Angel-Juicer 5500 has an impressive 10-year warranty, which is longer than many of its competitors. This is excellent news for consumers looking for a quality juicer that will last for years. Not only does this provide peace of mind that the machine will continue to operate as expected, but it also offers extra assurance that if any issues do arise, you have the protection of a 10-year warranty. With a guarantee like this, the Angel-Juicer 5500 is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a long-lasting, high-performance juicer.


The Angel-Juicer 5500 is an excellent choice for a quality juicer. With its easy-to-use design, powerful motor, and extensive accessories, it’s sure to become your go-to kitchen appliance. The large feed chute allows for quick and efficient juicing of your favourite fruits and vegetables, and the 10-year warranty gives you peace of mind that your investment will last for years. No matter what kind of juicing you do, the Angel-Juicer 5500 will meet all your needs and expectations.

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